This page will have many of the resources you'll need to support your child's online learning.  Please check back often. 

School Reopening Plan

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Some Important thoughts about hybrid and remote Learning!

1. Understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. Digital citizenship is the basis of all digital learning. In order to play, learn, and create online, students and their families have to understand what it means to be a responsible online citizen. Just as we start the school year off setting norms for a happy, safe learning environment, teaching about digital citizenship will serve the same purpose.

2. Set reasonable goals. Teaching remotely and learning remotely are totally new to many. It's OK if we don't figure everything out the first week. Be realistic about the goals, especially in the first few weeks.

3. When learning at home attempt to schedule the school day. It's not always possible to keep to that schedule, but setting one to strive for is helpful in structuring the day and helps young students know what to expect.

4. With so many apps, websites, and games that are great for learning, where should you start? We'll be sharing our favorites, but not all at once.  There is so much material online that it can be overwhelming.  Make sure students are finished with the assigned classwork first!